9 Unique Examples of Loyalty Programs

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Loyalty apps are all the rage, are you thinking about starting your own? If so, then you might need some creative guidance. Let’s take a look at some of the most successful loyalty programs out there, with some commentary on why they stand out!

What are your objectives? What sort of rewards do you have planned? How do you describe your program? How do you design your branding? Do you have a theme?

These are some of the questions we hope to answer with this article.

1. Box Raw

One of the cleanest, sweetest deals around is the Black Card by Box Raw.

It’s stylish, desirable, and really well-built. This loyalty program combines multiple elements into what can only be described as a complete loyalty program. Using this example as guidance is a wise choice. Consider drawing a few of their elements for your own program.‍

Why we love it:

  • Their visuals are stunning
  • Their widget is flawless
  • Their program is loaded with perks
  • The program is simple to use and well explained‍

Elevated Experience with Widgets:

They have a widget that falls seamlessly onto your page. Shoppers have a quick easy way to access their benefits without having to leave the page. This improves the page’s overall functionality and user experience. Widgets are a great idea and could prove to be a key component.

Meaningful Tiers:

Just like in most competitions, we use precious metals to define classes, and this fitness brand successfully relates to the culture. Box Raw recognizes its customer base and these small things really add up. And the sound of “Black Card” is low-key awesome. Besides the clever design elements, their tiers are loaded with perks and the rewards are desirable. Just another reason why the Black Card is one of our top picks.‍

Clear and Instructive:

The way that Box Raw explains the process and demonstrates the benefits is outstanding. They make their program clear and simple. They managed to explain it well and were stylish in their design and layout. Style is an important element that can help cultivate a positive impression. Remember that the clearer your message, there is less a burden on your customer service team.

Progress Bar and Free Points:

Box Raw offers hundreds of points before you even make your first purchase and tracks your milestone until your next upgrade. You can easily tell where your progress meter rests and the sort of perk you will receive at each stage. Another reason why the Black Card is winning on customer appeal.

Complete FAQ Section:

Box Raw features a complete FAQ section for its loyalty program, making it easier to find the answers you’re looking for. Apart from the benefit it has for the customer, a faq section can alleviate some of the stress from customer service; squashing the issue before it buds. A FAQ section can help us unravel the needs and wants of the average shopper. Planning the details is easier with guidance.‍

2. H & M

H&M is a major global brand with a huge customer base, but it’s not so simple. There is a lot of competition in apparel and one of the keys to success is customer loyalty. It’s obvious why H&M puts so much effort into its loyalty program. They’re a prime example of a loyalty program, so let’s probe the reasons why. There are numerous special touches that H&M uses that elevate their loyalty program to another level.‍

Why we Love it:

  • They did very well to build a sense of exclusivity, offering features only available to a specific group of members.
  • They made it rewarding to enroll with a first purchase reward.
  • They have a mobile app, a major factor.
  • They used their loyalty program to push their strategic goals.‍

Focus on Customer Satisfaction:

H&M is already a household brand and this loyalty program is low impact and all benefits. They used a few clever tricks to push the needle in their favor, making the online shopping experience as good if not better than the in-person experience. Not only are the perks of membership worthwhile, it isn’t very difficult to acquire “Plus Membership”. Is the H&M loyalty program worth it? Yes! 10/10.‍

Awesome Rewards:

Shoppers in general love exclusivity, limited editions and special offers. Programs that offer these sort of elevated experiences, go above and beyond your average loyalty program. There is a meaningful treat for dedicated shoppers and this makes it worthwhile pursuing the “plus” membership. This goes down as one of those programs that are really about the loyalty members.‍

Mobile App and Clear Instructions:

Another major factor about the H&M loyalty program is the Mobile App. Customers adore an easy shopping experience. There is no better improvement to the shopper’s online experience than mobile apps. Overall, this is a program worth checking out for inspiration.‍

3. Mango

Mango successfully takes a unique spin on the classical loyalty program. Nothing is ordinary about this program. It gives off a humane and caring impression, true to the meaning of real loyalty.‍

Why we Love it:

  • They have the most unique and encouraging rewards; donations to NGO’s, free music, and cinema tickets. Outside of the typical theme entirely.
  • The first brand we’ve found that puts sustainability into their program. You can collect points by recycling old clothing, something no one else is doing on this list.
  • They successfully made a warm and outstanding loyalty program with their “likes” and features.‍

4. Nike

Nike is unmatched in consumer engagement. What other loyalty program do you know that has successfully created a community of sports enthusiasts? The name is reputable, the consumer base is massive and the community is interactive. Nike checks all the boxes for loyalty program excellence. Let’s break it down.‍

Why we love it:

  • The Nike loyalty program reaches into lifestyle and community.
  • They provide one of the largest options for rewards and exclusive offers.
  • They bring dimensions into their products, thinking about product extension.
  • They offer a whole suite of apps that complement their core product line.

Great Communication and Community Centric:

Loyalty programs need encourgaing rewards, Nike communicate their perks well and offer awesome advantages to boot. Unlike most loyalty programs we can see that building a community is central to their goals.

A Complementary App Suite:

The apps that belong to the Nike suite are all about extending the utility of their products into lifestyle and community. They provide an highly interactive and engaging experience to their already massive customer list.

5. Sephora

Sephora is an ideal example of how to structure loyalty program for benefit. Amongst all the examples that we have shared, Sephora stands out for the how strongly motivating their loyalty rewards are. They have taken a truly loyalty customer and made them both more engaged and increase their expenditure.‍

Why we Love it:

  • They offer a major first purchase discount
  • Their tiers are highly desirable
  • Their rewards successfully create exclusivity
  • They understand what their customers want and leverage them as progressive rewards

6. Lululemon

Lululemon is riding their popularity and finding new ways to benefit their loyal shoppers. They’ve introduced benefits that extend beyond ordinary discounts, but they also offer studio access and work-out routines. That’s some progressive thinking! Keeping active is how they keep their customers coming back.

Why we Love it:

  • Lululemon is a company that actually cares
  • They extend their product beyond just the transaction
  • They offer out of the box perks for members
  • Their benefits are highly desirable

7. AMC

Cinema lovers will agree that an AMC loyalty program is a must-have. Movies have been a major part of our lives living in this century. It just makes perfect sense that your favorite local theater should keep track of your movie history. AMC offers some of the coolest perks for cinephiles. They treat loyalty members with real priority and create a really exciting offering at each tier.‍

Why we Love it:

  • Loyalty Programs for services are uncommon and this puts a smile on our face.
  • Membership is a super easy choice, it makes the overall movie going experience better.
  • This lands right at home for movie lovers and makes it an easy and fun occasion every time.

8. The North Face

The North Face brand has always been associated with nature and the durable cold weather clothing. It was important for them to represent their cause and thats exactly how they made their loyalty program stand out for us.

Why we Love it:

  • The have an “actually” worth it mobile app, which gives its users special access to parks and monuments.
  • They encourage bring in your own reusable bags to shop and even reward it with points.
  • They allow field testing your purchase and even offer exclusive products.

9. Massimo Dutti

Massimo Dutti is unmatched. FEEL provides a one of a kind experience; a memorable and deeply sensational loyalty program. You can almost smell the leather through the computer screen. There is a sense of excellence and strong connection between loyal shoppers and the product. They focus on sensation and exclusivity as the foundation of their program.‍

Why we love it:

  • They succeeding in making a sensual experience
  • They provides a first class experience
  • They built a unique program
  • They identified their customer “want”‍

This particular program is definitely non-traditional, but it serves as an amazing example of creativity at play. A promise of exclusivity and first class service. They also provide all their members with early access to discounts and limited edition items. personalized appointments in store and special access to events. They have managed to draw customers in with a “sense” instead of a traditional discount.

Special Treatment and Exclusivity:

For a luxury brand, customers have different expectations. They have the money, what they want is exclusivity and special treatment. Massimo Duttiy successfully identified the particular preferences of their clientele. Although their program is not as interactive as other loyalty programs in this list, they have taken a less traveled road which is something their customers prefer.


Having seen some of the best and most creative loyalty programs out there, you should be able to tell what makes a successfully one. We highly recommend using Growave as a powerful and dynamic loyalty app for your ecommerce business. Taking the leap is never easy, but with such awesome features Growave is a sound choice.

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